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Jeppe Kjær – big game winner

den  lyngby bk

Published 2016-11-06

ALKA Superliga

The decider came late. Jeppe Kjær managed to make it 2-1 for Lyngby with only 11 minutes left of regulation against OB.

The guests Lyngby assumed control by making it 1-0 in the 10th minute. Goal courtesy of Jeppe Kjær.

That was also the score after the first half.

Minute 63. That's when Joan Simun Edmundsson was there to net 1-1 for OB.

The game was decided at the end. Jeppe Kjær scored to make it 2-1 for Lyngby , which was enough for three points.

ALKA Superliga – 2016-11-06
OBLyngby BK
1–2 (0–1)
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