Hallsta taught a harsh lesson by Roslagsbro

Published 2018-04-02

Upplands FF Upplandscupen Herr Grupp 2

Hallsta did not stand a chance against Roslagsbro. 6-1 for Roslagsbro.

Away team Roslagsbro struck early with a goal in the sixth minute. Christoffer Lundkvist made it 1-0.

2-1 to Roslagsbro was the score at the break.

Minute 80. That's when Marcus Carlstedt was there to net 5-1 for Roslagsbro.

6-1 to Roslagsbro – that was the final result of the game. The last scorer was Panormitis Karpathakis.

Upplandscupen Herr Grupp 2 – 2018-04-02
Hallsta IKRoslagsbro IF
1–6 (1–2)
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