Mohammad Jafari got the victory

Published 2018-04-02

Västergötlands FF Pojkar, Junior DM

Big match winner Mohammad Jafari with two goals. Dalstorp/Grimsås/Limmared won 3-1 against Ulricehamn.

When the game clock was at 19, Ulricehamn took the initiative. 1-0 thanks to Ahmad Husseini.

The score at half-time: 1-1.

It was 2-1 for Dalstorp/Grimsås/Limmared in the second additional minute. Victor Bygård was the scorer.

3-1 was the final score of the game. The big hero of the game for Dalstorp/Grimsås/Limmared was without a doubt Mohammad Jafari.

Pojkar, Junior DM – 2018-04-02
Dalstorp/Grimsås/LimmaredUlricehamns IFK
3–1 (1–1)
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