Erik Ung scored the deciding goal

Published 2018-04-03

Västergötlands FF Herrar, Träningsmatcher 2018 Västergötland

Big match winner Erik Ung with two goals. Kinnarp-Slutarps A won 3-1 against Stenstorps A.

The away team got going from the start. Henrik Holmlind made 1-0, and Erik Ung added to it, making 2-0 for Kinnarp-Slutarps A. And then there were only four minutes left of the game.

When Kinnarp-Slutarps A left the field for the half-time break, they had a lead of 3-1.

Both teams' defenses held in the second half. Neither managed to follow through with an attack. A goalless second half.

That was also the final score. Kinnarp-Slutarps A’s player of the match was Erik Ung.

Herrar, Träningsmatcher 2018 Västergötland – 2018-04-02
Stenstorps IF AKinnarp-Slutarps IF A
1–3 (1–3)
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