Late equaliser for Valtorps A

Published 2018-04-02

Västergötlands FF Herrar, Träningsmatcher 2018 Västergötland

One minute left, then it's done, right? No, Gabriel Berger of Valtorps A wanted differently. Equaliser for 1-1 against Ekedalens A and one point each instead.

It took until minute 33, then the home audience got to cheer. That's when Peter Eng scored 1-0 for Ekedalens A.

The same score followed the players out during the half-time break.

Only minutes left. But Valtorps A wouldn't accept defeat. Gabriel Berger managed to make it 1-1 at minute 90 and get the draw.

Herrar, Träningsmatcher 2018 Västergötland – 2018-04-02
Ekedalens SK AValtorps IF A
1–1 (1–0)
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