A win for Skara – beat Skene 4-1

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Published 2018-04-04

Västergötlands FF DM, InterSport Cup, Herr

4 for home team and 1 for away team. 4-1 on the board.

Away team Skene struck early with a goal in minute 20. Oscar Ryberg made it 1-0.

After the first 45 minutes, the score was 2-1 to Skara.

When the game clock was at 68 minutes, Skara got 3-1. The scorer was Lukas Lilja.

It ended with victory for Skara, 4-1. And the last scorer was Jesper Falk.

DM, InterSport Cup, Herr – 2018-04-04
Skara FCSkene IF
4–1 (2–1)
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