Big win for Sil

swe  sils if

Published 2018-04-04

Västergötlands FF DM, InterSport Cup, Dam

Våmb did not stand a chance against Sil. 5-0 for Sil.

The away team was off and running from the kick-off against Våmb. In the 38th minute Olivia Sjöberg made it 5-0 for Sil.

The score remained unchanged until the end of the half.

Both teams' defenses held in the second half. Neither managed to follow through with an attack. A goalless second half.

When the referee Henrik Niklasson blew the whistle to end the game at Södermalms IP , the score was still 5-0 to Sil on the scoreboard in front of a total of 33 people.

DM, InterSport Cup, Dam – 2018-04-04
Våmbs IFSils IF
0–5 (0–5)
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