Emmaboda B (D3)-Åseda (D3), 0-3

Published 2018-04-08

Smålands FF Träningsmatcher Dam

0-3 was the result of the meeting between Emmaboda B (D3) and Åseda (D3).

The guests Åseda (D3) assumed control by making it 1-0 after 14 minutes. Goal courtesy of Ebba Ekelund.

Åseda (D3) was in the lead at the break. 2-0 was the score when the second half started.

When the referee Victor Wirstam blew the whistle to end the game, the score was 3-0 to Åseda (D3). The last goal was scored by Gry Wallin.

Träningsmatcher Dam – 2018-04-08
Emmaboda IS B (D3)Åseda IF (D3)
0–3 (0–2)
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