Zenith Vit won – Maajid Dalmar hero of the game

Published 2018-04-10

Göteborgs FF Pojkar 2002(16 år) Klass 3 - Kompisligan

Big match winner Maajid Dalmar with two goals. Zenith Vit won 4-2 against Azalea Svart.

A lot of goals during the first half. The score was 2-2 between Azalea Svart and Zenith Vit when the whistle blew for half-time.

Neither of the teams had managed to grab the lead before the half-time break.

Zenith Vit scored in minute 73. That meant 3-2.

Zenith Vit can thank Maajid Dalmar. The game ending 4-2 is all thanks to this player, who was the team's best today.

Pojkar 2002(16 år) Klass 3 - Kompisligan – 2018-04-10
Azalea BK SvartIK Zenith Vit
2–4 (2–2)
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