Three points for Edsbyn

Published 2018-04-11

Hälsinglands FF DM-Slutspel, Damer

Edsbyn scored 3 goals, and Ljusdal scored 2. So 3-2, in the end.

Home team Edsbyn dominated early in the game. After 13 minutes, Evelina Eklund scored the first goal, and Amanda Källström added 2-0 at minute 20.

The referee blew the whistle for half-time. Edsbyn walked off the field with a lead of 3-1.

The last goal came from Linnea Löfstrand. The referee Farhad Mirzayi made a note of Edsbyn as the winner in the 3-2 game.

DM-Slutspel, Damer – 2018-04-11
Edsbyn IF FFLjusdals IF
3–2 (3–1)
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