Örebro Söder Dam (D2D) steamrolled Hällbybrunns Dam (D3D)

Published 2018-04-14

Örebro Läns FF Träningsmatcher Örebro Fotboll

Hällbybrunns Dam (D3D) did not stand a chance against Örebro Söder Dam (D2D). 13-0 for Örebro Söder Dam (D2D).

8-0 – that was the score when the teams walked off the pitch after 45 minutes played.

When the referee Anders Jonsson blew the whistle to signal that the game was over, Örebro Söder Dam (D2D) were the winners with 13-0 at Lugnets IP.

Träningsmatcher Örebro Fotboll – 2018-04-14
Örebro SK Söder Dam (D2D)Hällbybrunns IF Dam (D3D)
13–0 (8–0)
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