Röbäcks (4H) can thank Simon Eriksson

Published 2018-04-14

Västerbottens FF Träningsmatcher Södra Vbt

Three goals – that makes you a winner. Simon Eriksson helped Röbäcks (4H) to a 4-2 victory against Mariehem (4H).

Immediately at the start of the game, Simon Eriksson made himself known. Scored 1-0 for Röbäcks (4H) after only five minutes.

The referee blew the whistle for half-time. Röbäcks (4H) walked off the field with a lead of 2-0.

When the game clock was at 73 minutes, Mariehem (4H) got 2-3. The scorer was Khaled Mustafa.

4-2 was the final score. Röbäcks (4H)’s important cog was Simon Eriksson.

Träningsmatcher Södra Vbt – 2018-04-14
Mariehem SK (4H)Röbäcks IF (4H)
2–4 (0–2)
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