Edet A got nothing

Published 2018-04-14

Västergötlands FF Herrar, Träningsmatcher 2018 Västergötland

Vårgårda A scored 3 goals, and Edet A scored 1. So 3-1, in the end.

The home team Vårgårda A scored two goals after only 38 minutes. Gustav Andersson scored 1-0 in the 24th minute and Albin Durguti added 2-0.

That's also what was on the score board when the first 45 had been played.

Set Wingquist was the player who scored in the 76th minute. It was 3-0 to Vårgårda A.

The game at Tånga Hed C-plan ended with 3-1 for Vårgårda A. The last scorer for the referee Christer Johansson to make a note of was Tim Dalek.

Herrar, Träningsmatcher 2018 Västergötland – 2018-04-14
Vårgårda IK FK AEdet FK A
3–1 (2–0)
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