Victory for Sparsörs A, 3-2

Published 2018-04-14

Västergötlands FF Herrar, Träningsmatcher 2018 Västergötland

The fight between Sparsörs A and Gånghester/Målsryd A ended 3-2.

The guests Gånghester/Målsryd A took hold of the game through Oscar Carlsson. In the 12th minute, it was 1-0.

The score was still the same at half-time.

The 3-1 goal for Sparsörs A happened in the 53rd minute. Niklas Tjernlund was the scorer.

The last goal came from Emil Söderhielm. The referee Jorge Montes Soto made a note of Sparsörs A as the winner in the 3-2 game.

Herrar, Träningsmatcher 2018 Västergötland – 2018-04-14
Sparsörs AIK AGånghester/Målsryd A
3–2 (0–1)
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