Valinge-Derome (K1D) squashed Öxnevalla

Published 2018-04-15

Hallands FF Träningsmatcher Övriga serier damer

Home team Valinge-Derome (K1D) assumed control by making 1-0 in the 12th minute. Goal courtesy of Ida Ekdahl.

When the coaches had the chance to talk to their teams after the first half, the score was 4-0 to Valinge-Derome (K1D).

Valinge-Derome (K1D) made it 6-0 through Ebba Lundberg in the 72nd minute.

Valinge-Derome (K1D) can thank Ebba Lundberg. The game ending 7-0 is all thanks to this player, who was the team's best today.

Träningsmatcher Övriga serier damer – 2018-04-15
Valinge-Derome DFF (K1D)IFK Öxnevalla
7–0 (4–0)
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