Högsby (D4) fell, 1-3

Published 2018-04-15

Östergötlands FF Träningsmatcher Dam

Game between Lotorps (D4) and Högsby (D4) ended 3-1.

Both teams took a very cautious approach at the beginning of the game.

No goals for either of the teams, and a booking was all worth mentioning in the first half.

The 2-0 goal for Lotorps (D4) happened after 80 minutes. Julia Gustafsson was the scorer.

Lotorps (D4) won the game. The last goal was made by Madeleine Lilja. 35 home and away fans heard the referee Eliza Jonsson blow the whistle after regulation with a final score of 3-1.

Träningsmatcher Dam – 2018-04-15
Lotorps IF (D4)Högsby IK (D4)
3–1 (0–0)
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