Late equaliser for Bräcke

Published 2018-04-21

Hälsinglands FF Träningsmatcher Hälsingland H

In the end, Bräcke managed to save one point. With only two minutes left, Javad Ebrahimi scored to make it 1-1 against Föne. A result that stood until the end of the game.

Home team Föne struck early with a goal in the 15th minute. Daniel Bohlin Gratias made it 1-0.

When it was time for the half-time break, the result had not changed.

Only minutes left. But Bräcke wouldn't accept defeat. Javad Ebrahimi managed to make it 1-1 at minute 89 and get the draw.

Träningsmatcher Hälsingland H – 2018-04-21
Föne IKBräcke SK
1–1 (1–0)
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