Badr Mebrouk scored the deciding goal

Published 2018-04-22

Skånes FF HJ Div.3 Södra, vår - Tabell och Resultat

Four goals – that makes you a winner. Badr Mebrouk helped Dalby to a 5-2 victory against Ystad.

Not just once, but twice Badr Mebrouk scored for Dalby in the first half, to the joy of the home crowd.

The referee blew the whistle for half-time. Dalby walked off the field with a lead of 2-0.

The 5-1 goal for Dalby happened after just over half of the second half. Badr Mebrouk was the scorer.

5-2 was the final score of the game. The big hero of the game for Dalby was without a doubt Badr Mebrouk.

HJ Div.3 Södra, vår - Tabell och Resultat – 2018-04-22
Dalby GIFYstads IF FF
5–2 (2–0)
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