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Final push gave Kubbe-Norrflärke three points

Published 2018-07-02

Ångermanlands FF Div 6 herrar

One minute left. It looked like the points were going to be shared. Then Erik Söderkvist stepped up and made it 3-2 for Kubbe-Norrflärke.

Jesper Andersson scored 1-0 for Björna 2, but Kubbe-Norrflärke had a reply to that. Petter Olsson equalised after 10 minutes.

The referee blew the whistle for half-time. Björna 2 walked off the field with a lead of 2-1.

In the 50th minute, Johnny Andersson made it 2-2 for Kubbe-Norrflärke.

With only minutes left, Erik Söderkvist was there for Kubbe-Norrflärke. 3-2 was a fact.

Div 6 herrar – 2018-07-02
Kubbe-Norrflärke IFBjörna IF 2
3–2 (1–2)
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