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Gerdsken fell, 2-4

Published 2018-08-10

Västergötlands FF Länsförsäkringar Cup P14-DM

Gerdsken scored 2 goals, and Halvorstorp scored 4. So 2-4, in the end.

The scoring started off with a blaze at Gerdskenvallen A-plan. Minute , Gerdsken-Halvorstorp, 4-2.

That was also the half-time score.

Both teams' defenses held in the second half. Neither managed to follow through with an attack. A goalless second half.

There was no change in the score. When the second half was over, it was still 4-2 for Halvorstorp.

Länsförsäkringar Cup P14-DM – 2018-08-09
Gerdskens BKHalvorstorps IS
2–4 (2–4)
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