Hassan Husseinzade got three points for the team

Published 2019-12-08

Stockholms FF Futsal Herrar div 2

Big match winner Hassan Husseinzade with two goals. Kista SC KFUM 1 won 3-1 against Hephata.

A lot of goals during the first half. The score was 3-1 between Hephata and Kista SC KFUM 1 when the whistle blew for half-time.

The score remained unchanged until the end of the half.

During the second half, there weren't enough opportunities created on either side – the last 45 minutes were goalless.

That was also the score when the game ended. The best player of Kista SC KFUM 1 was Hassan Husseinzade.

Futsal Herrar div 2 – 2019-12-08
IK HephataKista SC KFUM 1
1–3 (1–3)
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